Why it is OK to Install Metal Roofing in the Winter

Though the winter may not be your first choice to install a roof, if you’re installing metal roofing, it is actually ok to install this material in the winter and, for some customers, is even preferable. For example, there are not many customers scheduling installs during the winter months. It might be easier for a customer to get their ideal install date and potentially even get a better price due to the lack of competition.

The first point that must be made on installing metal roofs in winter has to do with comparing them to asphalt shingles. If you are looking for asphalt shingles, installing these in the wintertime will be impossible.

The reason why asphalt shingles are no good in the winter are because they freeze. When temperatures are below zero, asphalt shingles cannot be installed. Therefore if there is an emergency in the wintertime, such as a roof caving in, it makes it even more difficult to repair if a customer’s preference is asphalt shingles. This is why we recommend metal roof panels over asphalt shingles.

Metal Roofing in the Winter

There are a number of benefits to installing metal roofing in the wintertime. To begin with, they are far easier to repair in the winter should a customer run into an unexpected emergency. There are no glues or adhesives that a customer needs to worry about in the winter, meaning that there are no issues with metal roof panel installs.

What is perhaps even more important above all this is that metal roofing has been tailor made for winter. Metal roofing can easily rid itself of heavy ice and works to minimize build-up throughout the winter months. The interlocking design prevents water from travelling upward, the cold weather does not affect them in any way, and metal roof panels do not expand or contract or break according to the weather.

If you need a roof installation this winter, there is little reason to wait for the spring. In all likelihood, you will have your pick of the litter in terms of contractors, will be able to nab yourself a more competitive price, and you will be well equipped for all that the winter elements may bring.

The advantages to installing a metal roof make for a long list. No matter the weight burden of snow, metal roofing is made to handle it. The panels themselves also have the added benefit of acting as an insulator, allowing air to circulate and resulting in lower heating bills throughout those expensive winter months. The initial upfront investment is well paid off with a metal roof as they are built to last longer, are more effective in retaining house temperatures, and oftentimes will provide a far better warranty.

It’s no secret that winters are not the easiest on residential and commercial roofing. If it’s a tough winter, a heavy snowfall can be a major breaking point which can leave a property owner in a precarious position. Install metal roofing this winter. Don’t wait. Get it done today and benefit from the stronger, more valuable, and better protected metal as a roofing material.

Please contact us for a free quote and for more information on how to proceed with your metal roof installation this winter.

Why getting Metal Roofing done in the Winter is not such a Bad Idea

If you’re in need of a roof replacement or metal roof installation, most people choose to get it done before the winter months set in. Sometimes though, issues arise and roofing needs to get done in the colder season. There’s no need to worry. Metal roofing can be installed in the winter, just like it can in any other season. In fact, winter in Pennsylvania might be the best time to get metal roofing installed as it can get you your best price and will give you the most choice in metal roofing contractors.

What makes Metal Roofing perfect for Winter Roofing Installation

Now not all types of roofing can be installed in the winter. For example, some roofs utilize glues and adhesives that when frozen can have their chemical composition distorted. Metal roofing does not follow this pattern. Metal roofing sheds water and ice, minimizing ice buildup on the roof, making it a perfect example for a roof installation during the winter. Also, the interlocking design of a metal roof prevents water from traveling upward. Cold weather does not affect metal roofs as they don’t crack and are designed to allow for expansion and contraction so therefore the outside temperatures don’t really make much of a difference.

Winter installation

If you are in need of a roof installation this winter, don’t wait for the spring. If the winter climate is doing a number on your roof, get a metal roofing installation today by the top roofing company in Pennsylvania.

When you purchase a premium metal roof in Pennsylvania this winter, you’ll be able to benefit from a number of advantages. For example, a metal roof is designed to reduce your snow burden. If you’re worried about the burden of weight, metal roof panels are made to handle it. In addition, you can cut the cost of your heating bills. The metal panels act as an insulator, allowing cool and warm air to circulate, resulting in lower energy costs throughout the entire year. There’s no reason to wait if you’re experiencing a serious issue this winter or if you are looking at a metal roof installation for later in the year. Get it done today. As the temperature continues to drop throughout the winter and with your heating bills continuing to rise, a metal roof will provide you the best quality material possible to insulate and protect your home.

A heavy winter can be a breaking point for an old roof that needs to be replaced. It is not as uncommon as one would think to schedule a metal roof installation in the wintertime.

Metal roofing is very strong and will easily hold the weight of the snow, no matter the wetness, equipping you with appropriate protection for your valuable property. If you think you may need a roof replacement or wish to install a metal roof this winter, we would be happy to help. Please contact us for a free quote and for more information on how to proceed with your Pennsylvania metal roof installation this winter.

What you Need to Know about Inspecting your Roof this Fall

With winter approaching, fall presents an opportunity to rake the yard, check the house for any damages, and to inspect your roof. The best way to guard against winter roof damage is to take the initiative in the fall with preventative maintenance measures.

Roof inspection is an important part of ensuring that your house is ready for the winter. Neglecting to make sure your roof is good to go for the winter can have some serious consequences for your property value should you be caught in unexpected circumstances.

This fall, we advise all of our readers to take a quick look at their roofs just to see if there are any problems that might need fixing. You don’t even need to get up on a ladder to do it. Just take a look from the ground up, or if you have a pair of binoculars you might be able to inspect it a little closer.

Fall roof inspection

There are five things you want to watch out for when it comes to inspecting your roof in Pittsburgh. Look for any cracked caulk or rust spots, any shingles that might be blistering or curling, any missing or broken shingles, pay attention to the condition of the vent pipes, and examine for any masses of moss and lichen which might be evidence that your roof is beginning to decay from underneath. If you see two or more of these signs that your roof is not equipped for another year of weather, it’s important to contact a roofing company to for an inspection, a quote, and a repair.

If the age of your roofing is nearing the end of its life cycle or if there is damage apparent, what you can think about is not only getting a new roof installed but this time, getting a metal roof which has a longer life span and is a better investment. If there is a strong winter, you’re better off with a metal roof than a traditional shingle roof for the simple reason that the material can handle the freeze and thaw cycles, heavy snow build-up, strong winds, and even large hail at times.

The front-end investment for a metal roof is well worth it when all things are considered and above all else, you won’t have to worry about how much longer your traditional roof is going to be able to last and when you might have to replace it. By replacing it now, you’re setting up your property for the minimal amount of damage possible in the years to follow.

If you just want to make a few shingle repairs, it’s only going to put off the inevitable and it’s a risk. Contact a roofing company in Pittsburgh and get a free quote for a full roof replacement, this time with a metal roof. This way, you can keep minor fixes low, shave costs off your property long-term, and you can address any problematic roof issues immediately.

Get in contact today with a professional roofers in Pittsburgh for a free quote on your roof and get a better sense of what’s needed. Through the selection of a metal roof, you can also ensure that you are well-equipped with a high quality roof that will last many winters, far exceeding what a traditional shingle roof is capable of.

Understanding how Metal Roofs are Competitively Priced with Asphalt Shingles

Many people are new to the world of metal roof panels. All that many people have ever had are the more traditional, asphalt shingles. The more traditional options are known to be a cheap solution to needing a new roof but many estimates have shown metal roofing to be more affordable option.

Comparing the traditional asphalt shingles with metal roofing, the primary difference is how long they last. Metal roof panels are competitively priced with traditional asphalt shingles because of the difference in how long they last. In any weather, as time passes, asphalt will curl, twist, turn, and effectively degenerate over time. They are not the cheapest to replace but the initial asking price for asphalt shingles is lower than metal roof panels, making them more appealing to some buyers. The thing is if you have to replace your asphalt shingles every ten to fifteen years, cost adds up quickly. Metal roofs can last up to fifty years and beyond, providing a far better investment and more bang for your buck.

Metal roof pricing

Metal roofs are competitively priced with asphalt, traditional shingles because they last longer. Moving beyond that, the cost of asphalt has continued to rise over time whereas metal has proven to be far cheaper in that sense. Metal also is environmentally friendly, available in a variety of different styles and looks to suit any exterior, and are becoming more and more popular for being a more effective roofing material than the traditional option.

Also if there does come to be some damage to the roof that requires a roof replacement, to replace an asphalt roof requires a full tear off and replacement. This is costly. For a metal roof, this can be applied over an existing roof making these easy to install and easy to repair. Whether it’s for residential roofing or commercial roofing, a metal roof is setting yourself up for the future with the best possible investment, most affordable in any situation. For example, if you were building a home, you would not compromise on the quality of materials or the quality of wood used because you would want the strongest, most effective build. Installing a metal roof implores the same concept – strong, built to last, and right for your home.

To some, the initial asking price might not be in the range that some homeowners might expect. If one factors in the quality of the material and the money that they will save long-term over asphalt shingles, it is very worth it. Metal roofing is among the strongest roofing systems that a home can have and it could very well last the life of your home. Traditional, asphalt shingles are not able to compete in terms of the quality of materials and though they might be short-term more affordable, long-term they simply do not hold up to the advantages of metal roofing. This is why, in our experiences, metal roof systems are priced competitively with good quality asphalt shingle roofs, and why they might be a far better option for your situation.

If you are interested in finding out more about metal roofing and if metal roof panels might be right for your residential home or commercial building, please visit our website and fill in the form for a free consultation to find out pricing.

10 Facts about Metal Roof Installation and Metal Roof Panels

Metal roof installation has continued to grow in popularity throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and across the United States for a number of different reasons. Throughout the past decade, its reputation has risen significantly as metal roof panels have been shown to be a more cost affordable solution to roofing than traditional materials such as shingles. Today’s homeowners who upgrade their homes with metal roofing get a longer lasting value and a firm investment that serves to add curb appeal as well. These are ten facts you need to know about metal roof installation and metal roof panels.

Metal Roof Panel - Bingo Profile

#1 Metal roof panels are cost effective, energy efficient, and aesthetically appealing.
Due to the fact that metal roofing lasts longer, allows a property to retain more heat in the winter and cold in the summer, and is still able to contribute an attractive appearance, this material is far more desirable than its traditional counterparts.

#2 Metal roofing is designed to withstand the most extreme weather without cracking, shrinking, or eroding.
Whether you live in a climate that is prone to extreme summer or winter weather, your metal roof panels will be there to protect your property with minimal roof damage.

#3 Metal roof installation will provide maximum wind and fire resistance.
If wind is an issue in your neck of the woods, metal roofing may be the right choice for you. Also, in the event of a fire, each panel has been coated with a long-lasting fire resistant substance.

#4 Metal roofs can withstand changing weather conditions, outperforming other materials.
When compared to traditional shingles, metal roof panels have consistently garnered higher ratings in weather protection year-round. The performance expectation for metal roof panels is up to fifty years and above.

#5 Metal roof panels are light weight.
The weight of metal roofing is less than traditional shingles, assisting in the maintenance of the structural integrity of your home. No warping of the structure, as is the case sometimes with other materials.

#6 Metal roofing can save up to 40% in annual energy costs.
Metal is a maximum energy efficient material thereby making it an ideal choice for roofing. They will help to keep out unwanted temperature or weather and save you cost on keeping your property comfortable for its users.

#7 Metal roof panels can oftentimes be installed over your existing roof.
You don’t even need to remove your old roof. Installation is quick and easy with interlocking metal roof panels that can be adapted to match any property.

#8 Metal roof are oftentimes lower in insurance.
Due to the fact that they last longer and are a higher quality material, they will cost less to insure than traditional shingles or other materials. This is a huge advantage for those seeking to protect their property’s value.

#9 Metal roof panels are made from 30-60% in recycled materials.
Not only is metal roofing made from recycled materials but they are made to be recycled after use as well.

#10 Metal roofing is available in a variety of styles and colors.
Metal roof panels come in a range of different colors that can be adapted to match the exterior of any building.